Consulting for value-saving protective coating

Since its foundation in 1964 Helmut Müller GmbH have specialized in practice-based counseling all around protective coating. We support builders, operators, entrepreneurs as well as municipal institutions with services for damage assessment, quality and production control all about protective coating. As a family-based enterprise dedicated to long-lasting product lives it is our aim to optimize the existence of buildings or life-cycles of plants by giving them the best protective coating. This increases sufficiency and finally benefits the welfare of people as well as the environment. In order to be able to deal with growingly complex requirements the industry offers numerous innovative solutions on the subject of protective coating. Nevertheless, damage worth over a € 1.000 million arises annually. Too little attention which is being dedicated to protective coating at all building and project stages can be the cause of this. Insufficient specifications, a lack of service descriptions or inadequate choice of material as well as inadequate coating design can cause substantial deficiency. Independently and neutrally we give you advice on expert execution of protective coating work and for quality assurance in welding. From planning and implementation, including operation and maintenance our teams will give you assistance with their interdisciplinary skills including all the specialists needed for you project. These are experts, who, besides their comprehensive practical knowledge, have acquired the necessary national and international qualifications and certificates – who exactly know what is at stake.

Protective Coating Consulting:

  • Drawing up plans and concepts
  • Choice of plans and project calculation
  • Selection of suitable kinds of application
  • Project management
  • Production control
  • Engineering and technical services
  • FROSIO- and NACE examination
  • Damage assessment
  • Specifications and performance specification
  • Development of warehousing conceptions
  • Final and partial acceptance
  • Inspections of protective coating
  • Colour checks
  • Offshore inspection and services
  • Auditioning
  • Welding seam checks
  • Material checks
  • Checks of buildings

In 3rd generation – since 1964 a life in the field of corrosion protection! mitgliedschaften_leiste