Also resists permanent contact with media

Corrosion can concern almost all metal materials. Depending on the metal concerned, the substances involved and the conditions, in which the corrosive reaction takes place it practically follows another course. Offshore plants and navigational aids in the North Sea show different signs of corrosion from tanks in petro-chemistry or drinking water containers in other regions.

Optimum protective coating conceptions, which take the individual special conditions into consideration, are being asked for. Opposite to atmospheric protective coating a coating system must fulfil still more complex specific requirements in the case of permanent or changing wear and tear because of local consitions.

We differentiate between objects concerned with water like locks, sluices, sheet piles, trough plants, navigational aids, drilling rigs, and off-shore plants, which are subject to constant sea water strain, and tanks, containers, as well as special collection rooms for the storage of all sorts of liquids and solid substances. In any of such cases the coating is permanently subject to wear and tear. Therefore, checks or even repair of the coating system during operations are hardly possible or completely impossible. So the coating system as well as processors must be prepared to meet with extreme demands from the very beginning.

It is especially while storing material dangerous to water that unnoticed coating mistakes cause enormous damage. The cost of decommissioning, emptying and cleaning of the container can amount to many times the coating costs. The possible environmental damage caused by a product leaking out are hardly calculable.

Starting with planning we will counsel you in this sensitive area, support and accompany production processes and quality control with projects of medial protective coating.

  • Waterside buildings like locks, sheet piling walls, sluices, barrages, canal troughs
  • Sewage an cleaning units, composting halls and dumping grounds
  • Tank installations and containers for storing chemistry and mineral oil products
  • Drinking water containers, water filters and food industry polants