Protective coating increases service lives

Offshore wind energy plants are exposed to the toughest environmental circumstances. Within the different parts of a sea water plant, constantly high air humidity and a high content of salt in the air around cause a high content of salt in the air around. Additional influences, the high content of salt in the caused by UV radiation as well as the abrasion of existing coating by wind and waves lead to extreme strain on the construction and its components.

It is especially with wind energy convertors, that their differently charged zones need a durably well- functioning protective coating system. In order to guarantee their quality and to minimize the cost of protective coating repair our experts already join you at the planning stage.

Since the set up of the first few offshore windparks in front of the German North Sea and the Baltic Sea we have been around, give advice on protective coating and look after offshore wind park projects. In order to keep the guidelinesof the water and shipping authorities North/Northwest on the day-time marking of offshore plants we offer adequate concepts and services on colour-metrical examinations. As a consulting company we offer the following services:

Offshore Wind Energy plants

What we do for you:

  • Counselling with the planning of offshore wind energy plants
  • Compiling specifications and description of services
  • Support with certifications and choice of system
  • Plans on quality assurance and protective coating
  • Quality control all through building stage and implementation checks
  • Compilation of documentations and state-of-affairs checks
  • Checks and accompaniment of the plants as far as their offshore sites
  • Quality control with installation and assembly at sea
  • Protective coating inspections and monitoring
  • Checks of visual day time marking
  • Fixing of the number, position and size of test surfaces