Protection of tanks and containers

Constructions for tanks and containers are usually designed for long working lives. Tuned to certain building materials protective coating systems support long working lives and prolong maintenancs intervals. As for deciding on suitable protective coating measures the atmospheric local conditions according to DIN EN ISO 12944-2 have been divided up into protective coating categories. They help with orientation with regard to their aspired working lives and facilitate considering medial strain.

Inside coating of tanks is to be carried out with greatest care by keeping water-law stipulations. Just little damage, like ignoring a pore in the coating can cause a breakthrough in a tank wall. Coatings in tanks and containers which are filled with warehouse liquids like sewage, petro/-chemical products, utility and drinking water, fertilizer etc. make it very difficult to control them permanently.

Besides the expertly application of protective coating by specialized companies, early discovery of coating damage or processing defects are adequate prerequisites to avoid environmental damage such as corrosive environmental and water pollution. Supported by expert analysis and regular quality control by experts such risks can be minimized and the working lives of containers and tank facilities be achieved as planned. As a consulting company for protective coating we have specialized in

Tank- and Container protection
Water and service water tanks, warehouse tanks, heating and heavy oil tanks, petrol diesel tamk plants, tanks for chemicals, gas containers and extensive warehouses, silo and sewage treatment plants.

What we do for you

  • Develop specifications and service descriptions
  • Choice of suitable protective coating systems and application methods
  • Project management
  • Compile documentation
  • Implementation checks during building stage
  • Final and part inspections
  • Inspection of protective coating
  • Material checks and monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Damage analysis
  • Provide expertise