Safe containers and tank facilities protect water

Water is of utmost importance for every individual as well as for mankind as a whole. Protecting water and keeping it clean – including drinking water – is ruled by a system of laws and stipulations. But it is our common responsibility to observe legal limits in order to protect surface water as well as ground water from being spoiled.

That is why stipulations, concerning building, operating and regular checking by experts as far as removing containers and tank facilities, face more important and detailed ruling. In the case of industrial plants endangering water quality, such as oil tanks, pressure vessels for chemicals, agricultural or chemical plants the stipulations on water law and other legal areas are to be considered.

In many cases the cause of damaged steel containers or tank plants of reinforced steel is corrosion, which is caused by atmospheric and/or other medial impact. It is only by targeted quality assurance and maintenance that the emergence of dangerous cracks or holes can be avoided in the long run.

The possibilities to contribute to operational safety and long service lives of containers and plants are as manifold as their application areas. They include leak protection coating, double-walled warehouse tanks, collecting space with protective coating and special tank coating. We will support you from the planning stage on, carry out quality and production control during the building stage and help with inspections and approval by Helmut Müller, VAws expert for water protection SOG, for

  • tanksand container plants
  • collecting or storing space
  • discharge areas
  • hazardous material warehouse
  • sealing surfaces