Corrosion – Causes and comsequences

Corrosion and effective protection measures are important for almost every sector in building, industry and supply. Functioning protective coating adequately tuned to circumstances is essential for the long-lasting statics of buildings and life-time of industrial plants.

Generally speaking, corrosion is the technical term for the reaction of metal to its environment, by which a measurable change of the building material occurs. It is steel structures and components as well as buildings with numbers of most different functions, including concrete and steel as well as fortifying.

Despite our knowledge of the considerable importance of protective measures corrosion annually causes damage to buildings and plants worth thousands of billions. Our own statistics show that in 90 per cent of cases of protective coating damage or coating damage respectively are caused by application mistakes, wrong specifications, warehouse, transport and assembly.


It is only by purposefully aiming at a goal in the case of protective coating that corrosive damage and costs can be reduced. Make use of the opportunity to place planning, implementation and maintenance of protective coating into the hands of experienced experts.