Protective coating inluces many facets

… and just as many fields of work, in which different kinds of expert knowledge are required. For over 50 years Helmut Müller GmbH have been dedicated to protective coating. On this basis a large amount of experience and a great deal of practice-oriented knowledge on the subject of effective protective coating has been developed.

Developments in many branches of industry, in which metal and predominantly steel or reinforced concrete have been used, permanently present us with new techniques and with growingly complex requirements. Thre most different structural specifications as well as environmental and weather related influences thus make individually designed protective coating inbdispensable.

Competence and practical experience are the basis of our family-owned business, and so is innovative capability, which keeps future-oriented protective coating solutions in store for you. Our specialists who give you their assistance, to consider – as soons as at the planning stage – the factors, which are absolutely indispensable for optimum realization, which – alongside the building stage – control production and secure protective coating quality with objects in the following fields:

  • industrial and engineering objects
  • power station construction
  • marine and hydraulic objects
  • offshore wind energy convertors
  • tank and container construction