Buildings in between functions and Aesthetics

The most different kinds of buildings leave their mark on our environment, in urben – and increasingly so – in rural areas. We expect all of them to be stable for a long time, to fulfill the functions attributed to them and also to remain a well-groomed sight for a long time. As for tailor-made protective coating, which takes care of the constructive peculiarities the envisaged usage is also important.

We differentiate between industrial buildings with which – apart from static and aesthetic aspects – style and functionality must be in harmony. Productivity and efficiency are most important, and so are engineering structures , which – because of special strain and/or special special materials – confront the statical system with high demands.

As a consulting company for protective coating we specialize in:

Industrial buildings
Industrial buildings and plants, support structures in plant engineering, production and machine shops, cranes and storage halls, chemical and refinery plants.

Engineering buildings
Bridges, structural steel engineering, tanks and containers, cooling towers, landfills, sewage treatment plants Locks and barrages, sluice gates, offshore plants

What we do for you:

  • Draw up specifications
  • Description of services offered
  • Choice of system and project calculation
  • Choice of suitable application methods
  • Production checks during building process
  • Quality control
  • Compiling documentations
  • Damage assessment
  • Supply of expertise