Finding the roots of the problem

State-of-the-art buildings and plants are needing more and more competitive materials and more and more complex protective coating systems. Thus, the demands raised with individual components, their production and effectiveness are rising, too. Despite all care it can happen that individual components fail.

We analyze and judge for you, whether material properties and application processes come up to expectations. Experienced experts pass their judgment on the damage arising, help with damage limitation and assist you to enforce your demands

The necessary measuring and checking devices, needed to analyse material damage or to discover corrosion are also available for mobile use. We also have our house-owned laboratory, in which specialists carry out a large part of material and coating checks. In the case of special chemical analyses we cooperate with specified and certified laboratories.

For effective protective coating we push down to the root of the evil and show you solutions or functioning alternatives for the security and longevity of your buildings or plants.