Defies all weathers and air pollution

Suitable protective coating prevents or reduces corrosion in order to reach the end of the lifespan aspired, to guarantee the security and efficiency of buildings and plants, sometimes even beyond that.

Atmospheric protective coating means value-saving painting stopping corrosion on coatings of steel or concrete buildings, which are exclusively caused by air pollution and the weather.

As for the choice of adequate protective coating one has to consider the atmospheric influences which it is exposed to. The composition and processing of adequate protective coating systems has been developed to such an extent that they can directly be aimed at the strains concerned.

Thorough planning on the basis of local circumstances as well as well-tuned quality assurance are prerequisites for long-life high-value protective coating. Later repairs of defective parts will cause a lot of extra cost and require considerable extra costs, which may well exceed the value of the first coating.

Make use of the knowhow of experienced protective coating experts for comprehensive counseling and supervision of your protective coating projects such as:

  • bridges
  • tall steel structuring
  • refineries and chemical plants
  • on- & offshore plants
  • tanks and containers
  • pipes
  • power plants