Resistant to corrosion and wear and tear

The powers of water – a natural resource, but also a challenge for projects in hydraulic steel work: The long-term functioning of such structures often is of greatest relevance with regard to safety technology. Extreme demands are made on building materials and workmanship. The same is true of the effects of seawater, fresh or brackish water, different sorts of soiling as well as additional mechanical effects caused by moving sand or gravel.

With expert application adequate protective coating keeps you from far-reaching consequences and maintains the security of hydraulic steelworks. In the areas of shipbuilding, the offshore, oil and gas industries as well as in hydraulic steelwork, where buildings are exposed to constant sea water strain, we counsel and support customers with advice on production, quality control and repair work – competently and years of practical experience.

As a conculting compabny we have specialized in:

Hydraulic steel works
Sheet piling, piers, locks, flood gates. lashers and storage doors, dams, docks

What we do for you

  • Compiling specifications and descriptions of services
  • Selection and fixing of suitable coating systems
  • Implementation checks durinjg construction stage
  • Compile documentations
  • Final and partial acceptance
  • Inspection of protective coating
  • Monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Damage assessment
  • Comlilation of expertise