Even inaccssible is no problem

That is what we were trained and equipped for. Everything is well-tuned for its task and the latter’s best possible solution. This is also true of work in areas difficult to reach and areas with little security, with which – apart from professional competence – security, health and environmental aspects are at stake. Our specialists have acquired the SCC-Certificateand are supported by most modern technologies.

Checks on the actual state plants and buildings are in are first carried out by visual inspection:

  • By using a most modern Octocopter, a drone with a high-resolution camera system, one can quite easily carry out checks on the building material in neuralgic areas with relatively little effort Visual inspections are also possible at great heights and in hardly accessible areas with few problems
  • Visual checks at places hardly accessible to the eye? That is possible, too, thanks to mobile industrial videoendoscopy. In areas hard to reach, like positions of tubes, containers and wind energy convertors inspections and documentations can be carried out without any costly dismantling.
  • Besides technically supported examinations the well-trained eye of the inspector is important. It supports you with decision-making for maintenance work and makes checks, eg by rope access at the place in order to recognize damage in time and prevent production stops.