Competence, which protects values

Effective protective coating needs high standards from the very beginning as well as specialists, who support them by considering quality as a part of preparation in order to safeguard expert execution with the help of controlling and checks and, in cases of problems or damage to claim their due.

They profit from excellently trained employees, all of whom have acquired practical experience in their special fields and specialized by gaining additional qualifications. Because of continuous development they are up-to-date and owners of the SCC certificate and are trained in first aid, always the right choice for their tasks.

  • state certified protective coating technician
  • state certified colour and varnish technician
  • protective coating engineers
  • FROSIO Paint Inspector Lev. III
  • NACE Coating Inspector
  • VT2 / PT2 examiner according to DIN EN 473 / ISO 9712
  • welding-/welding quality check engineer
  • industrial diver
  • industrial climber

As for increased demands (such as off-shore areas) we have acquired the following qulifications:

  • offshore – certificates Seasurvival / Huet according to MOGEPA/OPITO
  • rope-accress technique according to FISAT, or heights safety trtaining according to GWO standard