Taylor-made performance offer

The basis of effective protection against corrosion is created with its planning and forming. At this early stage systematic solutions and efficient processes are indispensable, which take the working life of buildings or the life-cycle of plants into consideration.

As a specialized consulting enterprise in protective coating we support builders, operators and prime contractors as well as state owned institutions and authorities, also in cooperation with planning offices. With a number of varying pieces of expertise for damage assessment, quality assurance and production control – always with a great deal of practical experience, always competent and reliable , from the first steps taken for project-planning up to repair measures within the companies concerned.

Drawing up planning and concept stages
Choice of system and project calculation
Project management
Production control
Engineering and technical contributions
FROSIO and NACE checks
Monitoring and quality assurance
Damage analysis
Specifications and performance
Development of warehouse storage
Final and part inspections
Protective coating inspections
Defining colour locations
Offshore inspections and services
Checking welding seams
Examinations of material tests
Examinations of buildings
Publicly appointed and sworn in expert
Damage expertise
Court, private and arbitrator’s expertise
Processing, product and material checks
Laboratory exmainations
Further training
Lecturers‘ contributions / technical